Performance Evaluation of MG Systems Interfaced with Wind Turbines Employing DFIG Technology

DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.10946917



Global carbon dioxide, Microgrid, Power quality, Wind turbine, DFIG


The Doubly-Fed Induction Generator (DFIG) technology's capacity to adjust the rotor frequency depending on wind conditions greatly enhanced the wind farm's total energy collection. Adaptability is crucial for maximizing the efficiency of power generation, especially in regions with variable wind patterns. This article does a comprehensive examination of a 9 MW wind farm of six 1.5 MW wind turbines. The turbines are designed to optimize power generation and reduce mechanical strain. The wind farm is linked to a 25 kV distribution system, which transmits power to a 120 kV grid by a 30 km, 25 kV feeder. The primary advancement is in the use ofDFIG technology in every turbine. This method utilizes a wound rotor induction generator in conjunction with an AC/DC/AC IGBT-based PWM converter. The stator winding is directly linked to the 60 Hz Microgrid, whilst the rotor is supplied with electricity of varying frequency via the converter. DFIG technology optimizes the energy extraction from low wind speeds by dynamically regulating the turbine's rotational speed, resulting in optimal use of wind power. The capacity to adjust is essential for keeping a constant power production under different wind conditions. Furthermore, the technique significantly contributes to the reduction of mechanical strains on the turbines when exposed to strong gusts of wind, hence improving their durability and decreasing the expenses associated with maintenance. The article assesses the whole performance of the wind farm, analyzing power generation, effectiveness, connection to the Microgrid, and the influence of DFIG technology on energy extraction and reduction of mechanical stress. The results highlight the efficacy of the suggested approach in attaining substantial energy production and maintaining consistent performance.




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